Same Day Service


At Smart Wheels, we pride ourselves on being the best. This means delivering the best in every area of our business - from outstanding customer service the moment you contact us to great results when you get your wheels back in top condition.


On top of this, we offer great prices!


For a fraction of the price of a new set of alloys, we can give you sparkling wheels that will look fresh out of the box. We can offer such a great level of service because we use the best technicians, processes and techniques. No matter how nicked, scraped or tired-looking, we can bring your wheels back to their flawless original appearance.


With our multi-step process, not only will your wheels look better than ever, they will also have more robust protection against future corrosion and damage.


In addition to offering great repairs for your old or damaged alloys, we can also give them a new look.


Whether you want silver, matt black, gold or bright pink, we can re-colour your wheels to the shade you always wanted! Ask our friendly staff – by phone or email, about our Custom Colour Coding processes for a free quote.


Also, ask our staff about the drop off service for customers! Leave your vehicle for Same Day Service and we will happily get you to where you need to be – be it train stop, city centre or even your place of work!



As well as wheel repair and bespoke colour coding, Smart Wheels Alloy Wheel Refurbishment also offers the following services:


* Same Day Service - Done by 5:00pm Guarantee

* Drive them in or Drop them off

* Pick up Collect and Delivery Service

* Colours to match manufacturer spec

* Custom Colour Coding with Guaranteed Match

* Custom Bespoke Designs

* New Chrome Valves

* Caliper Painting

* Free Strip and Refit of your Tyres

* Free Wheel Balance

* New / Part Worn Tyre Service

* 12 Month Guarantee on Wheel Finish

* Complete Alloy Wheel Refurbishment with Full Workshop Service


Whether you want to bring your old alloys back to their former glory, or just want a great new look, Smart Wheels can deliver the very best results for an amazing price. Call 0161 883 0886 or email for a chat with our friendly staff and get your free quote today!


For our handy drop off service, which is available to all our customers, you can leave your vehicle with us and get a same day service, whereby we transport you to a nearby train stop, work place, City Centre or other point of interest nearby and then have the vehicle ready before your work shift ends.