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Diamond cut wheels to a high standard

Diamond cut wheels are becoming increasingly popular on many manufacturer standard vehicles and also aftermarket alloy wheels. Keeping up with the current times here at Smart Wheels Manchester we have invested in a state of the art diamond cutting cnc lathe allowing us to diamond cut wheels to a high standard. Diamond cutting wheels involves the process of removing a thin layer of alloy from the surface of the wheel to produce a high shine polished finish which upon close inspection resembles the finish on a cd. Most diamond cut wheels have painted inserts (between the spokes) which are usually silver, black or grey.

The Diamond Cutting Process

On most diamond cut wheels we carry out a full refurbishment whereby the wheels are chemically stripped down to bare metal, shot blasted and powder coated and/or wet sprayed to the required colour. The wheels are then placed in the diamond cutting lathe where the wheel is digitised to make a profile of the wheel sections that need to be diamond cut. Once the digitising has been completed we then move on to cutting the wheel to produce the diamond cut finish. The next stage is to preheat the wheel before applying a coat of powder lacquer and then placed back in the oven to cure.

When a full refurbishment is not essential or required we lighlty blast the surface of the wheel to remove the existing lacquer coating before it is diamond cut and powder lacquered.

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There are a number of things to consider prior to diamond cutting wheels. There are limitations on how many times a wheel can be diamond cut depending on the damage and profile of the wheel. This is usually 1-2 times, however on occasions it can not be diamond cut at all.. This is because each time the wheel is cut it involves the removal of a thin layer of metal. On some wheels too many cuts can at worst completely erase any logo engraved in the metal of the wheels – For e.g Mercedes wheels which have the ‘AMG’ sign engraved into the metal of the wheel. Sometimes these issues are only apparent during the process of diamond cutting the wheel. In such instances we advise a powder coated finish.


Diamond cut wheels are not as durable as a powder coated finish. Any kerb damage or stone chips will allow water to get behind the lacquer causing corrosion which is usually identifiable with the appearance of white milky looking patches on the wheel. For this reason many companies do not offer any warranty on diamond cut wheels however here at Smart Wheels Manchester we offer a 6 month guarantee. Powder coated finishes have a 12 month guarantee.

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