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Our chrome valves add another touch of style to your wheels, giving them that classic chromed look. We sell our chrome valves in a variety of lengths, so they will fit any wheel, no matter the brand or manufacturer. Throw away those tired rubber valves and add a bit of bling to your wheels.

Set of 4 Chrome Valves

Price £4.99
chrome valve

Audi Badges

audi center caps
Fitting right into the centre of your wheel, our Audi centre caps are easy to install and look great.

These Audi centre caps add a great finishing touch to your Audi and also protect the wheel by preventing moisture and condensation penetration, which can lead to corrosion.

Hardwearing and great looking, our Audi Centre Caps offer a great replacement for your lost or damaged centre caps.

Set of 4 Audi Center Caps

Price £14.99

BMW Badges

Easy to install, our BMW centre caps are a great way to add that splash of style to your wheels that you’ve been craving.

If your centre caps become damaged or lost, our BMW centre caps offer a perfect like-for-like replacement that look great.

Available to fit any size of wheel, if you need advice just ask our friendly staff online or call on: 0161 883 0886

Price £4.99
bmw genuine wheel center cap


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