Terms and Conditions

  1. All vehicles must be supplied with the O.E.M. tool kit and locking wheel nut keys for removing and fitting wheels, where applicable.
  2. Smart Wheels accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to goods left in the vehicles.
  3. Where Smart Wheels fits wheels to the customers vehicle, we will endeavour to ensure that the wheel nuts will be properly torqued using the appropriate tools. Customers are, however, advised to check the wheel nuts after the initial 20 miles and at regular points thereafter as part of the standard maintenance routine.
  4. Smart Wheels recommends that new wheel valves be fitted to all wheels that require strip and refit of tyres. Rubber valves are supplied free of charge. Smart Wheels accepts no responsibility for leaks around old valves that have been fitted at the customer’s request.
  5. Due to the nature of Tyre Pressure Monitoring System’s (TPMS), Smart Wheels does not accept responsibility for damage to the valves or sensors in the process or removing and refitting them.
  6. Smart Wheels endeavours to refurbish all wheels to the best of our ability and in most cases this will result in a finish comparable to that of a new wheel, however we cannot be responsible for any unforeseen problems such as poor casting, hidden cracks, or excessive corrosion. These problems may only become apparent upon removal of the existing wheel coating and/or during the process of refurbishment. These problems may also result in extra time required to complete the work. If we do not believe a cosmetically acceptable or safe finish can be achieved, the customer will be contacted to discuss options before further work is undertaken.  Wheel refurbishment is just that, it is not a new wheel – occasionally ‘used’ alloys will never look 100% perfect after its refurbishment. We ask all customers to appreciate the work done and the high quality finish that the wheels are at a small fraction of the price that a new wheel would be.
  7. Where split rim wheels are refurbished, bolts may be found to be corroded or otherwise damaged requiring them to be drilled out and replaced, in such circumstances the customer will be advised as soon as possible of any extra costs that may be incurred.
  8. Customers should be aware that certain high gloss finishes show blemishes more readily, such as Gloss Black and high power silver. We cannot always guarantee to make your wheels perfect but will ensure they are significantly improved.
  9. Smart Wheels will do their utmost to meet any target completion time-scales given at the time a wheel refurbishment is booked. Target completion times, however, are just that ‘targets’. Smart Wheels accepts no responsibility for unforeseen delays within the process as some wheels may take longer than standard within any given process.
  10. Vehicles / wheels will not be released until payment is made in full.

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