Frequently Asked

How long does the process take?

We provide a Same Day Service as long as your wheels / vehicle are delivered to us by approx 9am. They will be ready for collection by approx 5pm.

Can you repair bent or cracked wheels?

We can repair cracked wheels using a specialist type of welding used on aluminium. Bent wheels can also be repaired. Buckled wheels can also straightened on specialist machinery which we keep in house.

Can you match the colour of my wheels?

Almost always. We carry a wide range of silvers and other colours to suit the majority of vehicle manufacturers wheels. However, if your wheels are a special colour or you would like to change the colour, then please notify us and we will obtain it for you. There may be a small extra charge for speciality colours to cover extra costs.

What Guarantee do I get?

Whether it be a cosmetic repair, or a full refurbishment, we give a 12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship. The finish is guaranteed for 12 months. This 12 month guarantee covers the re-appearance of corrosion and the quality/durability of our coatings in normal circumstances.

Can I use jet washers, acidic cleaning solutions or alloy wheel cleaners?

Smart Wheels do not recommend the use of jet washes, using acidic cleaning solutions or any proprietary alloy wheel cleaners as these are specifically designed for polished and un-lacquered wheels and contain acid based cleaners, that will attack and in time break down lacquer coatings. A mild detergent such as Fairy liquid and hot water used once a week will suffice.

Can you refurbish split rim wheels?

Split rim wheels come in many different styles so we need to asses each wheel individually. Bolted split rim wheels are easier to refurbish than riveted wheels. We can also supply a range of split rim bolts and rivets for many styles of wheels.

Do you provide a courier Service?

We do not provide a courier service however you are more than welcome to send us your wheels through a courier. If you are located in and around Manchester, we provide a collection and delivery service.

Do you need to remove the tyres?

The tyres are always removed to give the wheels a full refurbishment. Tyres are refitted after refurbishemnt with new valves and balanced.

Do you refurbish the back of the wheel?

Yes, the whole of the wheel is refurbished, this ensures any & all corrosion is removed, all surfaces are redone which is important for things like – achieving a good seal for the tyre.

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