Alloy Wheel Welding

Alloys are the icing on the cake when it comes to having a mean ride.

No one wants to be driving around in a car that looks less than perfect. After all, the alloys are the icing on the cake when it comes to having a mean ride. We understand that any damage to your alloy wheels can be a little disheartening. As well as offering an alloy wheel repair service for general damage such as scuffs and kerb damage we also provide an alloy wheel welding service . Where welding is required we make sure the alloy still retains its strength, and you get a near on perfect alloy.

Problems We Can Fix::

Alloy wheel welding may be required in the following circumstances:
Severe Kerb Damage
Cracks / Hairline Fractures
Chunks Missing
Cracked alloy wheels can often be fixed on a same day service. Repair of splits and missing chunks can take longer depending on the severity of the damage.

The Welding Process: From Start to Finish

During the welding process, we will use clean filler rods and equipment. Cleanliness is essential. By using clean products, we can avoid contaminants and grime from affecting the overall aesthetic quality of your alloy wheel. Looks aside, the quality of the join is vital too. So, we will ensure that we use clean equipment when welding your alloys. This will avoid dry spots and weakness in the alloy.

Our welding service also includes removal of the tyre, refitting with a new valve and balancing. You may either bring the wheel to us or drive to us and we will take care of removing the wheel from the vehicle and refitting once the repair work has been undertaken.

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Inspections and Spot Checks

For our handy drop off service, which is available to all our customers, you can leave your vehicle with us and get a same day service, whereby we transport you to a nearby train stop, work place, City Centre or other point of interest nearby and then have the vehicle ready before your work shift ends.

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