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Leaking Air

With more and more drivers opting for alloy rims, we increasingly see air leakage because of corrosion to the inner surface of the alloy.

Unlike steel rims, alloy wheels have a more porous surface that becomes even more porous when corrosion sets in.

With alloy rims, bead-seat surface leaks can occur, which is when air escapes from the minute gap between the aluminium rim and the tyre itself.

Corrosion problems widen these gaps in the alloy rim, making it easy for tires to quickly deflate time and time again.

With our inner-wheel refurbishment service (included in our full refurbishment service), we can eliminate these problems and give your wheels an airtight seal once more. That means no more constantly deflating tires, whilst keeping your alloys in top shape.

Brake Caliper Painting

As well as offering top class wheel refurbishment and repair service, we can also give your calipers a dynamic makeover.

For a great, low price, we can fully refurbish and paint your calipers and bring them back to their original, factory-new looks.

If you want the calipers to retain the manufacturer’s look, then we can match the paint exactly. If you want something that sticks out – red, bright orange, lime green or sky blue, then we can do that too!

We use the very best heat-resistant lacquers, ensuring that your calipers will retain their looks and perform at top levels, even under repeated heavy braking.

Cracks and Dents Repaired

Many people think that, once they have a noticeable crack or dent in their wheels, then they need a new set. This is not always the case.

At Smart Wheels, we can repair minor cracks all the way up to major dents, returning your wheels to their former glory. With our wheel straightening service we can also repair buckled wheels.

Even if there is a sizeable gap between the tire and alloy because of dents, do not despair.

We use the best technicians, techniques and materials in the business to bring even the most battered of wheels back to life.

We also offer an Alloy Wheel Repair for wheels with missing chunks. However, we will need to first take a look at the wheel to ensure that it is still structurally sound and safe to use.

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Free Alloy Wheel Loan Service

Smart Wheels Free Alloy Service Loan
Whilst we offer a Same Day service we understand that you have a life and a busy schedule, which means it may not be possible for you to leave your vehicle with us for the whole day.

We can keep you on the road with our free wheel loan service. We will loan you quality wheels so you can do what you need to do whilst we refurbish your wheels. We have a large and ever growing selection of wheels which you can use. Just ask our friendly staff when you book!

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