The Process - Powder Coating and Wet Spraying

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At Smart Wheels, we have founded our sterling reputation on providing a fast, efficient and professional service. We know that modern life and schedules demand top results quickly, and this is just what we deliver

We know that to get the best results, you have to use the best. This is why we use only the very best materials, techniques and technicians when refurbishing and repairing your alloys. This is how we consistently deliver brilliant results.

State of the art  Wheel Refurbishment Process

Because we have been operating since 2005, Smart Wheels staff has built a wealth of knowledge when it comes to repairing and revamping your alloys. Due to this deep pool of experience, we know that every wheel needs its own unique combination of techniques and processes to repair and bring it back to its glory days. Because alloys come with a massive range of finishes, nicks, scrapes and damage, we appraise every job as something unique. We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our repairs and refurbishment.

At Smart Wheels, we undertake both cosmetic, small-scale repairs and larger, full refurbishment jobs, giving you the best results no matter what you want!

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Our full refurbishment process involves a complete refurbishment of the whole wheel, not just the front face of the wheel.


Tyres are always removed, and refitted after they have been refurbished, new valves are added and the wheels are balanced using sticky weights placed on the inside of the wheel.

Chemical Stripping

After removing the tyres, the wheels are placed in a stripping tank in which we we use a special chemical mixture to remove lacquer and the finishing paint, bringing the alloy down to bare metal. The wheel is then placed in a caustic neutraliser and then thoroughly washed to remove any chemical deposits.

Wheel Repair to Damaged Surfaces and Bead Blasting

We now have a completely clean wheel and can identify the extent of the damage to the surface. The wheel is now repaired using a number of processes. Small dents, kerb damage and scuffs are repaired. Any welding work or wheel straightening required is also taken place at this stage with prior consent from the customer.

Then, we bead blast the surface to remove any remnants of paint and lacquer, whilst also eliminating corrosion and surface pitting. Bead blasting also gives the surface of the wheel the best possible condition prior to the powder coating and painting process.


Powder Primer & Colour Coat Applied

The wheels are now pre-heated to remove any trapped air before being placed in our purpose built spray booth. A coat of primer is now applied over the whole wheel. This is done using the latest primer gun technology, and ensures a robust, ultra smooth base coat. Once applied, the wheels are oven cured at 180 degrees, to ensure the primer can cure, and form a strong resilient coating. The wheels are then powder coated to the colour and finish of your choice and once again oven baked, prior to applying the powder lacquer.

Acrylic Powder Lacquer & Oven Curing

A final coat of acrylic powder lacquer is applied to the whole wheel, to ensure it is fully protected from the elements. This is a particularly robust coating, and makes for easy cleaning, once back in daily use. This coat is then baked at 180 degrees to ensure a full cure, and crystal clear finish.

The wheels are them allowed to cool down before tyres are refitted and wheels balanced.


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